Movable walls NORMA


from 22 000 ₽/m2


from 14 days


40, 44, 48, 50, 52 db


  • Length – without limits
  • Height – up to 5 900 mm
  • Thickness – 106 mm

Own production

3 year warranty


X-shaped connection

Г-shaped connection

The official manufacturer – the company Foldin:

Movable walls NORMA is a soundsolution structure consisting of separate panels that move along the ceiling track and gather in the Parking area. Each panel is made of two sheets of chipboard, sound insulation materials and an aluminum profile that frames the panel.

The floor and ceiling are mechanically extended thresholds-seals that guarantee the fixation of panels and sound insulation. A standard sliding wall consists of one telescopic panel and several standard panels.

Стены подходят для неровных поверхностей

Walls are suitable for uneven surfaces

They are compensated by sliding seals

В панель можно встроить двери

Doors can be built into the panel

We produce single-leaf and double-leaf doors

Надежные полускрытые дверные петли

Reliable semi-closed door hinges

Allow you to open the door at 180 degrees

Бесшумная роликовая система

Silent roller system

Smoothly moves the panel along a straight and complex path

Только одно отверстие

One visible hole on the front side of the panels

On the front side of the panels under the control handle for greater aesthetics

Все парковочные зоны сварные

All Parking areas are welded

This gives a longer service life and increased strength

3D design

Certificates and drawings


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Technical parameters

  Panel width Panel height Coating
Name Soundsolution, db Thickness, mm Weight, kg/m² 1 ролик 2 ролик Standard, mm Max, mm Standard, mm Max, mm Chipboard EGGER Marker Magnetic marker Veneer SML by RAL Двери 1/2х створчатые Скрытый профиль
NORMA Concept 40 106 28 Yes Yes 1100 1240 2800 6000 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
NORMA Expert 44 106 35 Yes Yes 1100 1240 2800 6000 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
NORMA Silence 48 106 42 Yes Yes 1100 1240 2800 6000 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
NORMA Файер 50 106 66 Yes Yes 1100 1240 2400 4000 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
NORMA AUTO 40-48 106 28-42 Yes Yes 1100 1240 2800 6000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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