Movable walls PARTHOS

from 25 000 ₽/m2

from 28 days

36 - 57 db


  • Length – without limits
  • Height – up to 15 000 mm
  • Thickness – 80-110 mm

Dutch quality

3 year warranty


X-shaped connection

Г-shaped connection

mechanical control

semi-automatic control

Official distributor - company Foldin:

Do you have a need for zoning a standard or not quite standard room? Parthos partitions from a world-famous manufacturer with a long history will be an excellent solution.

We draw your attention to the fact that the maximum height of the sliding partitions of this manufacturer reaches 15 meters. This distinguishes these designs from many others.

What is a Parthos product? This is a construction of panels moving along the ceiling track, which are assembled in the Parking area. Each panel is made of two sheets of chipboard, between which there are sound insulation materials, as well as an aluminum profile that frames this panel. To improve sound insulation properties, the manufacturer has provided mechanical thresholds-seals that extend into the floor and ceiling.

It is worth noting that the Dutch quality and three-year warranty is a good motivation for choosing parthos sliding partitions.

Высота до 15 метров

Height up to 15 meters

These walls are ideal for concert and exhibition halls

Установка высоких дверей

Installation of high doors

Add style and aesthetics to your walls

Бесключевой доступ

Keyless access

Use the map to open and close the door

Система антипаника

Anti-panic system

In emergency situations, you can easily open the door in the wall

Полуавтоматическое управление

Semi-automatic control

The seals are extended when the button is pressed

Облицовка легко меняется

The lining is easy to change

You can repair the panels and change the lining directly on the site

Certificates and drawings


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Technical parameters

        Подвес Panel width Panel height Coating
Name Soundsolution, db Thickness, mm Weight, kg/m² 1
Standard, mm Max, mm Standard, mm Max, mm Chipboard EGGER Marker Magnetic marker МДФ грунт Veneer
PALACE 80 36-44 80 20-37 Yes Yes 600 1 240 1 500 3 050 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PALACE 90 37-48 90 33-60 Yes Yes 600 1 240 1 500 4 050 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PALACE 110S 37-57 110 33-80 Yes Yes 600 1 240 1 500 15 000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TRANSPALACE Glass 45-46 110 65 No Yes 600 1 240 1 500 3 500 No No No No No
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