Folding partitions NORMA


from 18 000 ₽/m2


from 7 days


40, 43, 47 db


  • Length – up to 8 000 mm
  • Height – up to 5 900 mm
  • Thickness – 83 mm

Own production

3 year warranty


Wall-to-wall opening

Opening from the center to the walls

The official manufacturer – the company Foldin:

Folding partition NORMA is a soundinsulation construction of the "accordion" type, consisting of bonded panels.

The partition divides the room into two separate spaces that can be used independently of each other. There is no need for additional space, and this is a significant cost savings. The payback period of the product 6000 x 3000 mm is about 8 months.

Магнитные вставки в торцах панелей

Magnetic inserts in the ends of the panels

Make this system a semi-automatic

Легкое раскрытие за 30 секунд

Easy opening in 30 seconds

The partition can be opened by 1 person

Управляющая ручка спрятана в торце панели

The control handle is hidden in the end of the panel

There are no visible holes on the front of the panels

Крепление только к потолку

Ceiling mount only

The floor covering remains intact

Панели со стеклами

Panels with glass

Glass inserts of any shape maintain the level of sound insulation

Бесплатная дверь

Free door

The last panel serves as a door

3D design

Certificates and drawings


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Technical parameters

  Panel width Panel height Coating
Name Soundsolution, db Thickness, mm Weight, kg/m² 1 ролик Standard, mm Max, mm Standard, mm Max, mm Chipboard EGGER Marker Magnetic marker Veneer Glass SML by RAL
NORMA Standart 40 83 25 Yes 900 1020 2800 5900 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
NORMA Comfort 43 83 32 Yes 900 1020 2800 5900 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
NORMA Prestige 47 83 39 Yes 900 1020 2800 5900 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
NORMA Файер 43 83 45 Yes 900 1020 2400 4000 No Yes Yes No No Yes
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